TO CELEBRATE Zennity's name change, we are launching an incentive program to make you money - InZentive!!!

This is a one time opportunity to actively participate in the Zennity™ project and earn easy money doing so.

Do you know holistic service providers???

We know you do!! For most of us being Holistic is a lifestyle. I have 4 friends who are yoga instructors, 2 Chiropractors’ a few LMT's and if I really thought about it probably more! Tell your friends about us and make a few bucks, while you are at it!! ;)

Zennity will pay you 10$ for every verified referral from the Austin metro area that completes a profile on Zennity as a result of your referral.

The InZentive program will only be offered for 2 months!

ON July 20th the Zentitioner that referred the most new practitioners will win the GRAND PRIZE of 1000$.

We will post weekly on our facebook page who are the top 3 Zentitioners for referrals.

So let’s recap... For every practitioner you refer you get 10$ and a chance to win 1000$!!

In order to participate in this new incentive program, subscribe using the button below to participate (you must be logged in to be able to subscribe). You have to subscribe by no later than May 24th.

InZentive Rules:

  • All referred practitioners will have to pass our verification process.
  • A minimum of 25 verified referrals is needed to qualify for the 1000$ prize.
  • Only Zennity™ members that subscribe can participate in the referral program.

Good Luck!