Frequently Asked Questions - Practitioners

How does this work?

When you join as a service provider...

  1. You will be asked to submit your professional information for verification.
  2. After your information is verified you will be able to build a profile and begin to participate in auctions by bidding on service requests from clients.
  3. Once a bid is won, the client is charged and the contact information is exchanged between the practitioner and the client.
  4. After the appointment, using a code received from the client, the practitioner can redeem the payment.
How much does it cost?

Joining and using the website, making a profile and submitting bids is FREE.
We will charge a small fee only once you are the winning bidder on a client service request. This fee will be deducted from your final payment. The fee is 10% from the total value of the service plus any additional credit card processing fees (currently 2.9%). This means the practitioner ends up with close to 90% of the charged amount.

Do I have to pay any fees even for repeat clients or established clientele?

For your own clients, or repeat clients that you’ve made through our website, we will charge no fees. You are encouraged to use our site as a payment mechanism only (charging the credit card processing fees). This way you get all the money, but also make sure to get the credentials for that appointment (counters, testimonials, etc.). As always, please feel free to contact us with your questions regarding any of these matters.

How are you different than services like Groupon?

First of all, we like to think of ourselves as a holistic community. We want to bring a holistic approach to everyone’s life. Services like Groupon, LivingSocial, etc. are generic and do not serve the holistic community in customized manner. Such services also may slash the prices and then get half of what is left as commission. Our intention is to help practitioners build a healthy clientele base. We are in the business of connecting people, forming a community that values high ethics and good reputation. We are a service for holistic practitioners built by holistic practitioners!

How do you make sure only certified practitioners join your site?

We request proof of licensing, certification and other relevant training from everyone who would like to become a practitioner. All this information will be verified before a practitioner is able to submit bids. We believe that a practitioner’s reputation is the most valuable asset. We encourage every provider to work on winning a lot of clients, getting good reviews and building an astonishing profile.

How do you avoid low-bidding and how do you couple prices with practitioner’s experience?

We are putting great efforts in educating the clients that asking for ridiculous prices may not get them the best practitioners. Also, we will have a minimum amount that can be asked when a service is submitted. This depends on the service type. We are in constant communication with holistic practitioners from all fields and try to get accurate data on which is that border line amount.

Another aspect is that not always the best price wins. The client has the option of reviewing all the offers and select not based on the best price, but based on the best reputation and testimonials.

What are the main advantages for a practitioner to work this way?
  • You will be notified of any client that requests service in the area, and you have the opportunity to win that business.
  • You will be able to fill up your free space on your schedule when you would like to and for whatever price you choose.
  • You have the ability to screen clients. This will help eliminate many questionable clients, protecting you and the client. You will also be able to "flag" clients that act inappropriately so they will be banned from the site.
How do you deal with tips?

We understand that tipping in the holistic industry is common. We feel that because you will be receiving the majority of the total billed amount that it is unnecessary for us to ask the client to pre-tip. We will be sure to notify your clients that if they choose to tip then they should bring additional funds to the appointment.

Am I employed by

No you are not an employee. We facilitate communication between you and potential clients. You will be responsible for any income taxes or other employment taxes.