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Select your service and name your maximum price and conditions
All Practitioners in the area are notified and have a chance to bid
Review bids and select winner
Appointment time!
Review session and write a testimonial
Practitioners redeem payment

Zennity for clients

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    select service & name your conditions
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    select the practitioner or offer you please
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    sit back, relax and enjoy the session! is an online marketplace to save time, money and energy looking for certified holistic practitioners (massage therapists, accupuncturists, reiki practitioners, LMTs) in your area. Think of it as priceline for massage, acupuncture, hypnosis or any other holistic service.

Fancy a massage? Nothing simpler: Choose the type of massage you please, the maximum price you are willing to pay for it and the time you need it. We will notify all service providers in the area and let them know that you need their help! Within moments you will receive bids from practitioners that are willing to accept the terms you set. From the bids received, you do not have to choose the best price, but have an option to review all the bidders and select the practitioner with the best credentials.

Zennity for practitioners

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    receive notification when new job is posted
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    submit a good offer to get selected
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    provide the service & redeem payment

Do you have an opening in your schedule? helps practitioners fill-up their schedules and grow their active clientele. You will find a holistic community that puts value on ethics, experience and reputation. We offer practitioners several tools to improve their visibility and reputation.

This is a marketplace created by holistic practitioners for holistic practitioners. Be a part of it...