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Is it FREE to join Zennity?

Yes, it is 100% FREE to join. We will not charge you for creating an account / profile on Zennity.

OK so how does Zennity make any money?

We will charge a referal fee from the practitioner but only after the job has been completed. That's it. This means that...

  • we will not charge our clients for having an account or using Zennity.
  • we will not charge the practitioners for being listed on the website.

You can read more about the Zennity model check the clients FAQ and practitioners FAQ pages.

We value your privacy

Your information is safely kept and we will not provide your personal information to third parties.

Why do we ask for your address?
  • We ask you for the address because we give you the distance to the session location or list all practitioners and their distance from your place.

  • We also send out new service notifications to a certain mile radius (up to 50 miles).

Why do we ask for your gender?
  • Some practititioners accept only clients of a certain gender ... while some clients only want a practitioner of a specific gender.